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Beaten to a pulp! ----- That describes the copy on my waiting room table of Dr. Rothman's book, Edibolic Stress. While the magazines sit in the rack gathering dust, patients walk through the door and rush to be the first to grab that book, reading as much as they can before being called back for their office visit. The cover is bent and wrinkled, the binding is ready to give out, and the pages are absolutely wilted. Why is it that people cannot get enough of this book? The book is written by a NUTRI-SPEC practitioner who is not only extraordinarily knowledgeable in physiology and biochemistry, but also is thoroughly in tune with the NUTRI-SPEC philosophy. The book presents the essence of NUTRI-SPEC, but most particularly emphasizes the importance of Sympathetic/Parasympathetic Balance in living stronger longer. Buy this book! (,, --- Buy 3 copies.

You will need one for your personal library, one for your waiting room, and a second one to replace the one in your waiting room after your patients mutilate it.

A must-read book for anyone seeking the truth on how nutrition is the key to feeling good and staying healthy.  Dr. Rothman provides a wealth of scientifically proven information that can be used immediately to change the way you feel!  The Edibolic Diet includes meal suggestions and recipes to get you started on the road to improving and maintaining good health!! CW

Edibolic Stress gives you the key to unlock good health in an easy-to-understand book with scientifically-proven information.  Dr. Rothman reveals how the public is fed misinformation on proper nutrition leaving us to make wrong food choices, consequently leading to sickness.  I applaud Dr. Rothman’s willingness to share his knowledge! KG

I have read, or at least attempted to read, quite a few other books dealing with this information: This is the first book that I was actually able to read without skipping chapters and finally giving up on because Dr. Rothman presents his information in such a friendly, matter-of-fact way that you feel he’s sitting and speaking with you directly. I would like to think that most people know that a diet of Pop-Tarts, Twinkies and Big Macs will make you sick, but this book will explain why so many of the things that we think are intelligent food choices are really just the end result of industry misleading consumers.
There are some fantastic recipes included and you will be amazed at what you can include in your eating plan for the rest of your life, which will most likely be a long time if you stick with the advice that Dr. Rothman dishes up. This will be the best twenty dollars that you can spend, for yourself and for anyone that you love. JW

Loved this book- after a having second baby at age 42 I had trouble losing weight and keeping my energy level high. The info in this book helped me lose weight and feel better than I have in years!!! I have NO time to read bc I work full time and have two kids under age 3, but this book is so reader-friendly I had no trouble reading it at all…it’s written very conversationally and keeps even a harried mind like mine engaged. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to feel and look better than they have in years. Fantastic! JB

Just finished Dr. Rothman’s book “Edibolic Stress”. I tore through it in about three days, I could not put it down.
Dr. Rothman explains and lays out in simple, easy to understand terms A) how our bodies work and B) now the foods we ingest react within our bodies and C) most importantly what foods are bad for us and what foods are best for us.
What you learn may surprise you. I promise you this: You’ll never look at supermarket shelves the same way again, but you will feel a lot better if you follow the Dr’s advice.
A great read which you will want to share with your friends and family.  Thanks Dr. Rothman. - The Knowledge

While Dr. Rothman has been helping me as much as I would allow through the years, it was not until I read this book that I fully appreciated the what & why of what he is attempting to have me achieve for myself.  The book does include some necessary scientific information.  However, the author explains what he is attempting to teach you in as plain & clear English as possible.  Despite all the time he has expended helping me through the years, when I finished reading the book I actually lowered my head, said to myself I understand & felt disappointed in myself for not getting it sooner.  YOU can feel much better & be much healthier.  DH

Every few decades an innovative mind finds its way through college and advanced degrees. Michael Rothman, MD not only survived the process, he constantly searches for better answers and continues to expand his expertise.  Having worked with thousands of MDs and Pharmacists over the past 40 plus years, believe me, his book is truly exceptional.  If you or one of your loved ones has an inflammatory condition, DIVE IN!  Walter Hayhurst, R.Ph., Founder, Professional Compounding Centers of America, Inc. & PharmaSource Int’l, Inc

Hi Dr. R, First, Happy New Year and second, I just finished your book.  I want to congratulate you on a wonderful book and wish you the best of luck with it.  The information is written in a manner that is understandable to all.  You did a fabulous job of explaining this very complex information with analogies that will enable all your readers to understand how our food choices impact our health. You have plenty of science to back up your statements and this book should make most people wonder why all health care providers are not on board with you!  You most likely will start a revolution of some sort and take a lot of heat but hopefully, more health care providers will stop and smell the science!

Dear Dr. Rothman,  I just completed your book, Edibolic Stress, and all I can say is “WOW!” You laid out very clear, concise, and above all, scientifically founded arguments. What eye-opening revelations…not only that we are being duped by the commercial food industry, but that preventive Western medicine regularly operates on such shaky premises.  Oh yeah, perhaps worst of all, that WE ALL BOUGHT INTO IT!  But hopefully not anymore.  I know my next trip to the grocery store will be very different!  I humbly request an autographed copy for myself, if you would be so kind.  JV

Dr Rothman’s Edibolic Stress is a gutsy revolation of   the powerful food industry and his willingness to go against the establishment regarding what we eat.

Dr Rothman’s Edibolic Stress is an amazing informative book everyone interested in good health should read.

Dr Rothman’s book, Edibolic Stress is a must read. He explains in laymans terms how we are manipulated by the powerful food industry to indulge in products not suitable for consumption.

As soon as I started reading Dr. Rothmans book I couldn’t put it down, I couldn’t absorb his information fast enough. I loved my sugars and sweets and I wanted to know what it was all doing to my body. So at 60 years old and a cancer survivor I am changing the way I eat and drink and it hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be. First if you are reading this book you are interested in your health. Second, you must have a little will power and I have to admit the first week was not easy giving up my sweets, but after the first week it did get easier. Unsweetened tea with lemon instead of sweet drinks, Yogurt at night instead of cake, now that was hard! But my health at this age is more important than not being here, so as the days went by my urge for sugars decreased and I even lost five pounds. At 5’9” my weight is now 175 lbs. Ever since I was twelve years old I had a hard time breathing through my nose thinking it was because I broke it three times, but after cutting back on the sugars I can now breathe much easier and after changing my diet to Dr. Rothman’s recommendations I feel much better than I have ever felt. I think back on the days in the hospital when I had cancer, had my appendix out, had stones removed and going to the dentist for cavities, I’m now thinking maybe sugar wasn’t so good for me after all. So at 60 I am looking forward to a healthier and longer life. I only wish I had read Dr. Rothman’s book when I was  younger but back then they didn’t know how bad sugar and processed foods were for your body, but now we know. So for you younger folk, take notice and take charge of your bodies as you only get one life to live, so live it healthy and live it long.

Thank you for the opportunity to read your book, “Edibolic Stress.” I have highlighted throughout the book and am pleased to include it in my resource library. I especially appreciated your explanation of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. You made it very clear how all of the body functions together- not as separate and disjointed parts. Your analogies were excellent. They made material that can be difficult to understand seem simple. When these matters make sense to the patient, they will find it easier to do what is necessary to take care of themselves. 

Dear Dr. Rothman,
I found you on youtube and purchased your book, Edibolic Stress, on 3/28, and just finished it this morning (4/2).

I applaud you for not being afraid to tell the truth about our health care system.  You cracked the code for all unsuspecting folks who just want answers that will alleviate symptoms by curing the cause and not by masking the symptoms. Thank you for a very massive contribution to health restoration and for dedicating your life’s work to uncovering the myths and redirecting folks towards restoring their health naturally. You’ve taught all of us to be critical thinkers of our own health and to not just accept diagnosis given by health care professionals who can’t give real answers but are quick to give a pill.  It’s almost as if you were made for this very special assignment to expose what we’ve been told about fat loss and health restoration, to correct people’s misguided trust we put in doctor’s knowledge and ability to cure, and to be aware of the con job the pharmaceutical companies are doing to make us think their drugs will help our afflictions. I am thankful that you point the way to what may really be causing our ill health as well as the causes of obesity but I am also saddened to know that this is actually going on in America and that there are so many doctors out there who don’t question the system and who don’t critically think about getting to the root of the cause in disease prevention.  I am proud of you for spending your life to tell us the truth so that we can all have hope in being a collective healthy population. I hope that you will be able to spread your message to a wider circle of people (maybe TV and radio) so that more people can be helped by your very important message!
I used to be afflicted by so little energy to just get basic things done in the day.  I found out that this was 100% due to the foods I was eating, especially breakfast (which consisted on bagel, cream cheese, coffee, sugar, milk).  Although I finally realized the importance of protein (especially for breakfast) and the absence of carbs, I still have been confused by the tons of misinformation out there.  I listened to (and followed) vegan diets, anti-meat diets, whole grain diets, high fiber diets, low calories, low fat, weight watchers, strict Atkins (for only a very short time), and many others.  Nothing worked for me as I swear my body was holding on to every ounce for dear life.  I’m 35 lbs. overweight (I’m 158 now, down from 172 and want to be at 125) but I still don’t feel very good at my current weight and am now trying my darnedest to follow a low carb diet with protein at every meal.  Understanding the hormonal explanation to weight loss/gain was a big thing for me to learn.  I also realize there are many schools of thought out there (some very well intentioned) on weight loss but I need to not further confuse myself and stick with what is working for me know (which is low carb).  Thank you for alerting me to the fruit being high in carbs because other low-carb thinkers did not have a problem with 1 orange, grapefruit, or apple a day.  I think the fruit was really slowing down my progress.

I loved your book and thank you for all the very valuable information you gave us!  I hope to meet you one day.  I’m passing along all your good information to others I speak to about nutrition and well being.  Thanks for all you are doing and for being honest about it so that we can really get healthy!

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