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The Advantages

Quickness: The rapid weight loss allows patients to see results almost immediately, acting as a strong motivator to strictly adhere to the program. Results are not guaranteed and will vary for each individual.

Loss of Inches in Problem Areas:  You will lose inches in the problem areas that may have plagued you for years or decades. The improvement in metabolism will allow you to lose abnormal fat (dysfunctional adipose tissue) (DAT) that is highly resistant to ordinary low calorie diet methods. You will lose the dysfunctional adipose tissue (DAT) not connective tissue or muscle.  As a consequence, the proportion of body fat to muscle changes radically, making the metabolic process even more efficient.

No Rapid Weight Gain After Ending the Program: Now that your metabolism has been repaired, you can eat more normally and not regain the weight so easily. Your relationship with food is different and better, so that impulsive eating and food cravings are diminished.

No Secondary Side Effects:  There are no side effects of treatment because we are actually fixing what is wrong, not treating the symptom of obesity. In fact, most patients will experience less pain, increased vitality, better sleep and other positive effects from the treatment.

Constant Medical Supervision:We will provide a high level of superivision throughout the program. The possibility of constant exchange with the medical professional helps patient motivation and allows them to maintain a constant course of treatment, increasing effectiveness.

Reduction of Arterial Pressure, Blood Sugar, and Cholesterol: Because weight loss is concentrated in dysfunctional adipose tissue (DAT), treatment under Dr. Rothman’s Weight Loss Program reduces risk factors associated with obesity.

The information in this site is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical conditions. Results are not guaranteed and may vary for each individual.