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Natural Migraine Treatment

When it comes to life’s most painful experiences, migraine headaches might be up there with childbirth and dental surgery. But unlike labor or root canals, which can both be treated with medicine, there’s no quick fix for migraine relief, and the causes of migraines are even more elusive. This is where the help of holistic treatment for migraines from headache specialist MD Wellness, is so valuable.

What is a Migraine?

A migraine is much more than a simple headache. The throbbing pain is often accompanied by severe sensitivity to light and sound, nausea and vomiting. Your symptoms can include depression, trouble with concentration, blurred vision, irritability, abnormal sensations to heat or cold, abdominal cramps, nasal congestion, diarrhea and anxiety.

During a migraine, the blood vessels in your brain dilate and stimulate the nerve endings near the affected blood vessels. These changes to your blood vessels are probably what cause your pain. Since the exact cause of migraines is different for different people, individualized therapy geared towards treating the cause is the best solution if you are seeking alternative treatment for migraine pain. The dilated blood vessels causing your migraine headaches are frequently a result of excessive parasympathetic stimulation to your blood vessels. Your parasympathetic nervous system is often overly sensitive to various stimuli and will be activated by specific triggers. These triggers are related to food or environmental allergic type reactions and may be worsened by other metabolic imbalances related to your hormones and your immune system.

One very common cause of headaches is that of exposure to a water-damaged building (WDB) resulting in biotoxin illness (mold).

Alternative Treatment for Migraine

Symptomatic treatment for migraines is almost always unsuccessful because treating your symptoms doesn’t fix what is wrong. Only finding and treating the root cause of chronic migraine symptoms with natural migraine treatment will lead to a successful outcome. Migraine specialists, MD Wellness, believe that a wholesome diet, healthy environment and a healthy lifestyle are crucial to improving and restoring your health. This is the essence of holistic headache treatment.

Diet and Migraines

If you’re suffering from migraines symptoms, you must pay very close attention to your diet.

  • Avoid fried foods, food additives, neurotoxic agents (MSG, aspartame, nitrates, nitrites), which can act as triggers which can overstimulate your autonomic nervous system and lead to excessive blood flow to the brain.
  • Pay attention to your blood sugar levels, which is one of the primary culprits involved in migraines. Fluctuating blood sugar levels will wreak havoc on your autonomic nervous system. These unstable blood sugar levels stimulate the release of various hormones in your body, which can activate your parasympathetic nervous system, causing the blood vessels feeding your brain to over dilate.

MD Wellness can offer holistic treatment for migraines with a whole body approach for your headache problems. We believe that all chronic conditions are related to imbalances in your body’s systems. When it comes to migraines symptoms and headaches, we take the approach of “find the cause, fix the cause,” rather than just treating your symptoms. Contact us online or call (732) 268-7663 for a consultation.

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