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"My hero is Dr. Rothman. He is my hero because he helped my brother feel better from POTS."
"I found Dr. Rothman through a friend's recommendation. What a God send!

Before my first office visit with Dr. Rothman, I had been in physical pain and struggling with various unexplained physical symptoms. Dizziness, headaches, swelling of my hands and feet, joint and muscle pain, abnormal weight gain, not able to sleep at night and a host of other ailments for approximately one and a half years. I had already been to a number of other doctors in various fields. They're diagnoses varied from emotional to psychosomatic conditions, stress, as well as there was nothing physically wrong with me or they totally dismissed what I was saying. As you can imagine, these experiences were all frustrating and disheartening for me. I was at my wits end!

The best way I can explain my first visit with Dr. Rothman was like it was a breath of fresh air! I was relieved that the doctor listened attentively to me, he didn't dismiss what I had to say and he didn't think I was crazy. I felt a sense of relief. Dr. Rothman's approach to my diagnosis was simple and straightforward.

After a un-invasive brief physical examination Dr. Rothman stated to me what he had suspected to be the root cause of my health issues. He ordered a series of specific blood tests and scheduled a follow-up visit. On my next visit, the blood test results confirmed Dr. Rothman's initial diagnosis. He proceeded to treat me accordingly. I feel 100% better and I am on the way to a full recovery!

Holistic and conventional medicine in my view is the wave of the future in the 21st-century. Thank you Dr. Rothman! I can truly say that you saved my life and my sanity. I am grateful to you and your staff. "
"In my mid-fifties, I endured several setbacks. These took quite a toll on my outlook and overall health. My family doctor is a good physician. He did what he could to "prop me up" with prescriptions like pain medications, antidepressants, muscle relaxers, HRT, ect.. My health continued to deteriorate. Some of the issues included an out of whack digestive system, hives, extreme exhaustion, insomnia, hair loss, brain fog, forgetfulness, weight gain, debilitating joint pain all over, brittle nails, extremely dry fragile skin... even my gums were sore and teeth were loose! Worst of all, I was depressed. I refused to give in and kept searching. I found Dr. Rothman's MD Wellness website, made an appointment - just one office visit and voila!

Dr. Rothman took time out for me. He probed my issues with the most thorough history taking I have ever had. He took the time to explain to me, on a molecular biological level, why 99% of my family members all die of cancer. Dr. Rothman helped me understand my metabolic type. He counseled me concerning key nutritional need unique to my metabolic profile. At first his recommendations seemed counter-intuitive: Eat more to lose weight, I thought? But following my office visit, I lost 10 pounds within the first week! Believe it of not, even my hearing and vision improved!

I gained so much energy, and got so much more done. I had increased mental clarity. My aches and pains were 95% improved. My hair stopped falling out, my nails grew out prettily. My skin has the orange tinge back. My entire bod began to work like it did when I was in my thirties! Did I mention I do push ups now? At almost 58 years of age, I have three sons and 10 grandchildren.I do recommend this doctor to everyone with any "chronic illness" no matter what their age may be.

I will never forget Dr. Rothman's words to me. He said, "I don't treat diseases - I treat the causes of diseases." Thankyou Dr. Rothman, for one of the most precious gifts of all - a measure of good health!

P.S A list of resolved/improved symptoms: depression, anxiety, tic, insomnia, brain fog, memory issues, slowed thought processing, extreme fatigue, muscle weakness/stiffness, inability to lose weight, steatorrhea/constipation, food sensitivities, joint pains, swelling, and stiffness, breast pain, severely dry eyes, hair loss, extremely dry brittle hair and nails, pale rough blotchy skin, abundant callous build up, slow healing wounds, painful inflamed gums, loose teeth, puffy swollen face. "
"This is a letter of strong recommendation for Dr. Michael Rothman, whom I have known for approximately 10 years. As his patient I feel fortunate to have found a doctor with his in-depth knowledge in the medical field and supporting strength in chemistry, alternative medicine, and much more. Dr. Rothman looks beyond the radius of a general physician and pursues the larger picture. He is detailed minded, meaning that your health conditions and questions are examined and explained. For any patient that has gone from doctor to doctor without being successfully treated, this is the doctor for you. I could not have found a better doctor."
"Dr. Rothman, I finished your book about two weeks ago. I immediately made the suggested changes in my diet, and am amazed at the results so far. Although I do not own a scale, I have visibly noticed weight loss on my upper body and abdomen. This is weight I have struggled to reduce for years, without any changes. For three years preceding my reading of Dr. Rothman's book, I had tried 100% vegan, simply because I thought it the most healthy. I had been on a regimen of cholesterol-lowering Crestor 10mb bid, daily low-dose aspirin "just to be safe", and testosterone replacement Androgel. I have been keeping track of my blood tests over the years, and didn't see much benefit with Crestor. I did, however, experience memory issues. I decided the risks & side effects were not worth it after I read Edibolic Stress. My blood pressure and resting pulse rate is also awesome now. Thank you again for your groundbreaking, and "status quo" shaking information and research. "
I believe in God and I believe in miracles. I want to thank you for such an amazing job you did for me. I went to a lot of doctors to solve my problems. I was in a lot of pain, fainting, and weight loss. I could not walk or be left alone. Its not easy to call someone a hero, but you deserve it! The first appointment I had he found out what was wrong with me. My health was in bad shape. With Dr. Rothman’s knowledge, experience, and supplements he gave me he helped me so much. I went from eating blended food to actually being able to chew my food on my own. Dr. Rothman you opened my eyes, my mind, my appetite, and you gave me my life back! Dr. Rothman thank you so much for what you have done for me. I will always be in touch with you. Dr. Rothman and staff will always be a part of my life!!
I have been working with Dr. Rothman for nearly five years. Through this period he has helped me reverse more than a few, long-standing chronic conditions. But more importantly to me, he accurately diagnosed a serious problem that I doubt one in 500 physicians would have done correctly. He then proceeded to treat me, and I am now virtually symptom free from this ailment. He truly thinks “outside the box”. I am 67 years old and feel that my body is functioning better than it has in many years due to his help. I am very fortunate to have found him.
When I first met you I was a total mess, in every way imaginable, from my head to literally my toes. After going from doctor to doctor, hospital to hospital, I always left with no help nor hope, and all I kept saying to all of them was “I just want my life back” over and over and no one said they could accomplish that except you. They say everything happens for a reason and now I know that to be true. I don’t know why you decided to take my case on, but I am so grateful that you did. At first I thought you were a little hard on me, BUT as time went on, I finally got it. Your passion and knowledge of what you do, you want your patients to fully understand everything you say and do will work if they follow your instructions and be diligent about them. I gave you a hard time as well in the beginning, but again as time went on and I was feeling better and better with each visit, I understand! By the way, I’m sorry about that part of it! From day one, I never felt rushed nor did I feel or felt with other doctors get patients in and out here is your money see you next month. That was never the case with you or your staff. You are the reason that I can finally say “I got my life back”. You are the reason I can laugh again, you are the reason that I am in less pain both physically and more important mentally. The list is endless of what you have done for me. I am forever grateful from the bottom of my heart, I cant thank you enough, but more important, you gave me hope for my future! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Forever grateful!
“I started seeing Dr. Rothman in May 2010. I came to him because of a chronic cough. I have not had this cough since my first visit. My blood pressure has dropped tremendously. I do not have knee joint pain anymore. I was taking allergy medication everyday and after seeing Dr. Rothman i no longer need it. I can truly say that i feel like a new person and everyone around me has noticed. I feel great!”
“Allergies, Brain fog, fatigue Did they need to be part of my life? I was newly retired, and looking forward to more than just sleeping and blowing my nose. And how could i cope with life changes and new experiences if my thought processes seemed so annoying slow and inept compared to how i functioned just two years ago. Yes, i had about a lot of stress but i was basically healthy according to my family doctor. The newspaper article about Dr. Rothman prompted me to make an appointment. During the initial consultation he demonstrated the usefulness of his program. Several drops of a clear liquid brought clarity to my thinking! Seasonal fall allergies were dealt with another clear liquid and no it wasn’t an allergy medication. A slight change to my food intake and other supplements helped eliminate the fatigue. I feel at least three years younger and I am enjoying being relatively allergy free, active and thinking more clearly.”
“I have been going to Dr. Rothman for about a month during which i have lost almost 10 pounds, which i found impossible to lose before i came to his office. I have also solved many problems i had such as having low energy, breathing rapidly, losing my breath easily, and feeling light headed. Dr. Rothman solved a problem that I have been struggling with for years and that is bad breath. I was unable to change the strength of my breath because my body was acidic. Dr. Rothman has helped both my parents and now me at the age of 21. Because of this my body and self-esteem is better than ever!”
“I saw Dr. Rothman for the first time about three months ago, when my medical doctor in Ohio was unable to find out / diagnosis the symptoms that i was having. After my first visit with Dr. Rothman, I had an answer for my symptoms and he worked with me patiently to make sure I understood what i needed to do to get back into balance. From not having any energy and being anxious from three months ago, to today where i can take care of my four children again. I am very grateful for Dr. Rothman!”
“This is not the first time I have battled the medical profession. Fifteen years ago i had a heart attack, within 6 months i gained 50 pounds. Frustrated I again attempted to deal with the medical profession. No success! In January 2009, I learned about Dr. Rothman. The rest is “History.” Thanks to his knowledge and approach to the medical field , along with a holistic approach. I am now on track with my life! My weight is coming down (20 pounds so far) and my energy is outstanding! We need more Doctors like Dr. Rothman!! Thank you Dr. Rothman!”
“I had been diagnosed with schizophrenia with neurotic tendancies and put on all sorts of medications that made me feel dead, tired, and hungry- just plain miserable. Dr. Rothman looked at me after 6 years of medication therapies and said my body was very out of balance. After only 2 months of seeing Dr. Rothman i am feeling happy and heathly, and with my pschiatrists permission weaned me off of the medications. It’s been almost a year since I first met him and I still feel wonderful!!”
“I have been a patient of Dr. Rothman for just a month. All I can say is he can preform magic!! When I came to him I had really given up on any doctor telling me i would be okay again and a month later i can truly say i almost feel completely like myself again. Like everyone else’s stories, I got really sick over a period of time (vomiting every morning, nauseous all day everyday) and eventually ended up at the hospital. They had me in there for 6 days, tested every part of my body from head to toe and they found out nothing. I was given seasick patch to stick behind my ear (which did not stop the vomiting) and was told to go see a specialist. I thought I was seeing specialists! The patch helped along with all the other medications for my stomach and anxiety, but I felt drugged everyday. Nothing has helped! A few weeks later my sister in law told me about Dr. Rothman or as they call him now in my family, the “magic doctor”. She had heard about him through a lecture at Robert Wood Johnson so i made my first appointment. Like i said in the beginning, a month later and I am feeling awesome. Dr. Rothman ran simple tests, gave me supplements, changed my diet and actually with another very simple blood test found out my thyroid was not working properly. Amazing!! The drugged feeling is gone!”
“I had been struggling with diet and lifestyle changes from being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2005. After a few appointments with Dr. Rothman, I have noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels. The mental fog that I had been experiencing started to go away the longer that I was taking the supplements. I am currently feeling much better than when I first saw Dr. Rothman. My quality of life has deftinitely improved, Thanks to Dr. Rothman!!”
“The world needs doctors as yourself. You have given me hope and clarity on feeling great one day at a time. I had struggled with abdominal pain for about 6 months, until i met Dr. Rothman. He is patient, fantastic listener, and has a brilliant method for solving the real issues at hand! Thank you!”
“Before I had an appointment with Dr. Rothman my body was shutting down. No energy, bloating, unable to sleep, aches, vertigo, etc. After my first consultation, my symptoms began to disappear. I felt more energetic, bloating was gone; no vertigo, and my blood pressure was lowered. Hopefully, I will be able to continue and start losing the weight that I have gained and even have better blood work results. Thank you Dr. Rothman!”
"In an age where conventional medicine says there is no cure, or offers a dangerous cocktail of toxic treatments that fail to address their root cause, Dr. Michael Rothman offers a medically proven approach to prevent and reverse a wide range of inflammatory-related symptoms and diseases. Through his program, even the toughest of cases, his solution and scientifically driven advice allows for medical breakthroughs which were never thought were possible. Thank you Dr. Rothman!"
My name joseph Marron Carlino and I am 76 years old, I became Dr. Rothman patient 6 months ago, because his insistence on my doing the right thing not just take pills to kill my pain or illness. I decided to give up the crutches and do the right thing for myself. In 6 months I have lost 30 pounds and given, my arthritis is much better and I gave up my cane. He changed my diet completely, he put me on a proteins diet, and I gave up bread and sugar. By following his recommendations and taking his supplements, as a result I’m feeling much better and I intent to continue with Dr. Rothman’s advice."
"Dr Rothman,
I just wanted to let you know, that I am feeling really good now, thanks to you! ☺
Since I stopped the Bioidentical HRT, (estrogen!) I have lost that bloated feeling and fat!
The HCG diet was great, I really was not hungry.
I am still watching my carb intake, and eating more green vegetables and protein.
I often refer to your book, which is so enlightening..
Thank you again for doing what you do!"
"Dr. Rothman has worked wonders with me and my health issues. After 12 or more years of symptoms that were going unresolved by conventional doctors, he pin-pointed mold as a key factor during my very first visit. Dr. Rothman is also helping to manage my hormonal imbalance, reduce inflammation in my body, teach me the right way to eat and cut out the sugar! In almost one year's time, I have lost over 12 pounds, I have no more joint pain in my fingers, hips and knees, no more rashes, less headaches not to mention a great deal of energy. I am admittedly an emotional person with a tendency to panic. Dr. Rothman has been helpful and willing to answer my questions along the way as to put my mind at ease. I am truly appreciative and would recommend him highly!"
Before I saw Dr. Rothman I had severe anxiety, PMS and menstrual issues. After just one visit, taking supplements and a clear liquid I already felt such a difference in clarity and a feeling of groundedness. Through subsequent visits with Dr. Rothman and after reading his book, I cannot stress enough how I also believe in the healing power of food.

After the first month of treating with Dr. Rothman, I hadn't followed his advice regarding my eating habits and paid a price for it. Because I was so desperate to feel better over the next month I used all the willpower I had to avoid all the foods I know would be harmful to me. The next month I noticed such a difference in the way I felt I couldn't believe it! It wasn't just slight it was significant.

I'm so thankful that I found Dr. Rothman and I can't thank him enough for everything he has done for me.
"I had been to over ten doctors in less than a year because I had a mystery illness that no doctor could figure out or take serious. I was semi bullied by the health care system, told that it was all in my head, because a person a young as me couldn't be sick. If only they could feel what I was feeling, they wouldn't have dissmissed me so easily or told me it was in my head. I finally got diagnosed by a doctor (I hadn't met dr. Michael Rothman yet) which was a relief, but still he didn't give me any answers on how I could improve my health. I felt awful and uncared for. I very luckily stumbled across and met dr. Rothman through telephone and he was instantly so nice and so caring and compassionate. He knew I wasn't in his state (or anywhere near it) but out of the kindness of his humble heart, decided to help me still. He adked me a bunch of questions that I always thought doctors should ask patients but never do, and as soon as he heard my symptoms he said " that sou nds like POTS" Iwas in awe and shock! I had been to over ten doctors that year looking for a diagnosis and NOT one doctor knew what was wrong with me. They all took my vitals, and couldn't figure it out. Dr Rothman is the most caring, humble & intelligent doctor I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He saved my life! It's sad to say, but the medical industry is a sham (imo) and most doctors couldn't care less about there patients (in my experience) its so good to know that there's a single black sheep doctor that strayed from the pack, to actually preform real medicine and not only cover his patients symptoms, but actually CURE them.. Dr. Rothman is a rare jewel and I'm so glad I found him! Thank you so much Doctor, other doctors should take notes from you. My family and I, thank you endlessly."
"Back in October 2013 I was introduced to Dr. Michael Rothman from my daughter. I was very skeptical about finding about this new program in my life. I thought I would find it superficial and would find it not for me. Instead, I did find out it was for me, and it was just a matter of finding proteins in my life, and substituting them for carbs. I did find it to be more beneficial then I could ever imagine. I thought about Dr. Rothman's plan, and thought about his plan for me, and it was perfect. I started that afternoon, and have never been sorry, I felt my joints and tendons go back to the way they felt years ago. I couldn't believe within days I was starting to feel like my old self again. I kept taking my blood/sugar like I did before, and the nos. were within the norm. It is now 2 months later, and now 15 lbs. lighter and still no insulin. I will attest to Dr. Rothman's way of doing things, He did a G-R-E-A-T J-O-B!!!!!"
" I became a patient of Dr. Michael Rothman, shortly after being told by my gastroenterologist that I would need to have my colon removed as a result of severe ulcerative colitis. That was two years ago and I am happy to say that not only do I still have my colon, but I have my health and my life back

I had suffered with digestion issues which had lead to very poor health for almost 10 years. Besides the constant abdominal pain and chronic diarrhea, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, and weight loss left me with no energy to do the things that I loved. I stopped running, skiing, dancing, and I was unable to work as a physical therapist. Even routine daily activities were difficult at times. The medications that were supposed to help me, sometimes more than 16 pills a day, were of no benefit and caused me to feel even more sick.

My desperate search for to find a natural way of healing led me to Dr. Rothman, who used a blend of traditional and alternative medicine t heal and restore my body to optimal health. It was just what I needed.

Dr. Rothman's philosophy to health care is very patient specific and focuses on using natural, holistic methods to balance our bodies' metabolic control systems, which are vital to staying strong, healthy and happy. His extensive knowledge of eastern and western medicine as well as his unparalleled empathy, dedication, and commitment to helping his patient adds to his caring approach of treating the "whole" person. He is absolutely brilliant!

I am 31 years old and have not felt this great since high school. Regaining my strength and health has been an incredibly exciting journey which I would not have been possibly without the care and support of Dr. Rothman. Dr. Rothman has been an absolute blessing in my life, which is why, I have entrusted him with the health of my entire family!!!"
"How can I thank Dr. Rothman enough? When I came into the clinic in August of this year I was having severe digestion problems, had lost a lot of weight, and was unable to organize my thoughts or my life to a very high compacity that was needed to be an actively involved parent of two children. After a thorough testing process it was determined that I had a severe metabolic imbalance. Dr. Rothman explained to me that my body was unbalanced in the sense that I was too alkaline. What this meant was that I needed to make some dietary changes - some of which included eating more meat with every meal. I also was given a whole regimen of vitamins to be taken in a certain order each day. How thankful I was in December when it was determined that I had made some significant progress. I am not gaining weight and able to live a fuller life!"
"I am pleased and grateful to be writing this testimonial on behalf of Dr. Michael Rothman and the MD Wellness Center, whom I learned about through a cable TV lecture I viewed recently. I found Dr. Rothman's lecture most interesting. So I called Dr. Rothman and made an appointment. Dr. Rothman listened to me explain my condition and symptoms. Dr. Rothman assessed my situation and said he could help me, he performed a battery of tests. Dr. Rothman then formulated a specific diet coupled with multiple supplements. I began the diet and supplements right away and I am already amazed at the results. I lost 8 lbs in the first week. and I have an abundance of energy. I am beginning to sleep at night. I feel alive again and have a new and hopeful out look on life. Best of all I am now off my diabetes medication for the first time in 8 years! If you can relate to my condition and want a new lease on life and hope of a better quality of health, then call Dr. Rothman and perhaps you too will discover there is hope of a happier, healthier, and better quality of life."
"Fantastic results. Dr. Rothman suggested a new diet, which I strictly adhered to. After three weeks, my blood sugars were lower, had lost five pounds, and was feeling great! Thanks Dr. Rothman!"
" I began seeing Dr. Rothman last week for nose bleeds occurring daily. I was given a supplement that was supposed to make me feel better. Within days, I noticed I had more energy, no more nose bleeds, no anxiety, I was more relaxed, and bodily pains had decreased significantly."
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