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Post-Liposuction Recovery

The post liposuction recovery treatment is a PAINLESS treatment utilizing multiple modalities to facilitate lymphatic drainage and normalize your local circulation. This gentle but effective method helps remove residual toxins, expedite the disappearance of your edema, leading to relief of your pain and reducing the lumps in your post-surgical sites. 

We utilize a combination of the Dr Vodder lymphatic drainage technique, the Leduc hand massage technique, and ultrasonic waves, which are incorporated according to your specific clinical needs. Your state of recovery may require one, two or a combination of all three modalities.

Each treatment session will vary between 30 to 60 minutes depending on your individual situation and state of tissue repair. Your therapy may vary from one session to the next, because your healing is a dynamic, not a static process. 

The cost is $100 per session and is independent of the time needed to perform your treatment. Bear in mind that you are not “getting a massage”, you are receiving an individualized treatment to restore the microcirculation of your post-surgical wounds and surrounding tissues.  

Optimally, your treatment should begin within 72 hours after your procedure. The longer you wait before starting your post-liposuction therapy, the more tissue congestion and inflammation you will experience. The sooner you start with your recovery treatments, the less post-operative treatment you will ultimately need. The most effective treatment schedule is twice weekly. The total duration of your treatment can vary significantly, depending on your individual needs and response.

You should dress in loose, casual clothing. Be aware that some of the products we use can cause staining, therefore dress appropriately. Please remove all of your jewelry before your treatment.

Make sure to drink at least one full glass of water before each treatment session as hydrated tissues are easier to treat. 

Ultrasound 3 MHz

The ultrasonic waves are used in local areas to stimulate high blood circulation to the affected areas. This in return softens the fat deposits under your skin.

How does the ultrasound work?

Ultrasound improves local blood circulation, promotes the breakdown of fibrous tissue to release cellulite nodules, increase re absorption of the local edema (swelling), enhances the disintegration of fats and prepares tissue for the next step.

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