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Facial Rejuvenation (Needle Free Mesotherapy)

The Transderm Ionto System is a delivery system indicated for the local administration of ionic drug solutions into the body for medical purposes and can be used as an alternative to injections. The Transderm Ionto System uses Dermoelectroporation. Technology that causes the skin to create “channels” allowing ionic drug solutions to penetrate due to controlled “electroporation-like”continuous reversed polarity electrical pulses which increases the skins permeability and allows for the transdermal delivery of drugs, as occurs in classical Iontophoresis, even if the average current value is zero. This pulsed Iontophoresis, with safe, current-limited, pulsed “Electroporation-like” waveforms, allows micromolecules and macro-molecules to be delivered into the body without modification of the ionic drug solutions pH and avoiding an electrolytic effect at the electrodes and electrolysis of the ionic solution itself. This technology works like an injection, but it is not invasive as an injection is.

Benefit to Patients

  • Astonishing results
  • Comfortable treatment sessions
  • No irritations, burnings or inflammations
  • Series of 4 to 8 for better results. The series can be repeated once a month.
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