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Metabolically Directed Wellness

At MD Wellness, we make every effort to bring back the old-fashioned relationship between Doctor and Patient. Our practice is to spend as much time and effort to understanding the “big picture” underlying your medical issues. Using this knowledge, we can bring you the individualized, biomarker-targeted treatments that you require to achieve long lasting solutions. You must understand that any symptom or disease that you are suffering from has a metabolic component to it. At MD Wellness, we measure metabolic parameters, and then direct treatment to restore your metabolic balance.

You have multiple systems in your body that need to function together in order for you to be healthy. These vital systems include your immune system, your nervous system and your endocrine system (INE system). When your body is under some form of stress, (like poor diet, lack of sleep, too much conflict at work or exposure to mold for example) your immune, nervous and endocrine systems (INE system) will swing into action to defend your body against these stressors. However, if your stress levels become excessive or last too long, these same INE defense mechanisms can start to impair your body’s ability to control your INE system.

At MD Wellness, our methodology is in our name, which stands for “Metabolically Directed Wellness.” We believe that all chronic conditions relate to imbalances in your body’s chemistry. Unfortunately, too many well-intentioned doctors and healers try to treat your symptoms without finding what is causing your problems in the first place. We believe in “find the cause, fix the cause” as the only rational approach to giving you a better quality of life moving forward.

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