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Marijuana is now legal in New Jersey, should I stay in New Jersey Medicinal Marijuana Program (NJMMP)?

Marijuana is now legal in New Jersey, should I stay in New Jersey Medicinal Marijuana Program (NJMMP)?

It’s been six months since the recreational marijuana market opened up in New Jersey. That is enough time to iron out any issues from the initial roll out and the novelty of legalization has worn off. If you are a patient in the New Jersey Medicinal Marijuana Program (NJMMP) you may be wondering, do I need to stay in the program if marijuana is now legal? Or maybe you are a cannabis consumer who has a qualifying condition, but has opted not to register for the NJMMP.

There are definitely benefits of being in the New Jersey Medicinal Marijuana Program, so I urge you to read on for some benefits to being a NJMMP patient in a recreational state like New Jersey.

More dispensaries

You can find a list of all dispensaries online at the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission Page. The list of dispensaries is divided among, medicinal only and medicinal & recreational.

Priority Service

For those locations that serve but medicinal and recreational customers, you will find separate marijuana offerings. For NJMMP patients, you will find a larger selection of cannabis products like flower, ingestible cannabis-infused products 

(edibles), vaporized formulations (oil) and concentrates/resin/liquid that recreational consumers don’t have access to. 

You will also find separate lines or entrances and the ability to speak to cannabis counselors (equivalent to pharmacists) before recreational customers. This is extremely beneficial

Lower Cost

When you purchase recreational marijuana, you are paying 0% tax as of July 1, 2022.  In addition, many NJMMP alternative treatment centers offer rewards programs, promotions, and discounts to medical patients only.

Higher Purchase Limits

There are strict limits on how much cannabis recreational customers can purchase, whereas medical marijuana card holders are able to purchase more

For example, NJMMP patients can purchase 3 oz for every 30-day period, and that can be purchased at one time or spread out within the 30-day period. Terminally ill patients and patients in hospice have no maximum limit. 

Recreational consumers in EACH transaction are allowed to purchase up to the equivalent of 28.35 grams or 1 ounce of usable cannabis. That means up to:

  • 28.35 grams (1 ounce) of dried flower, or
  • 4 grams of solid cannabis concentrates or resin, or the equivalent of 4 grams of concentrate in liquid form (solution in milliliters), or
  • 4 grams of vaporized formulations (oil), or
  • 1000 mg of multiple ingestible cannabis-infused products (10 100 mg packages) like gummies

A purchase of a combination of products may be 1/2 ounce of dried flower plus 2 grams of concentrate, or 5 packages of gummies and 1/2 ounce of dried flower.

This is extremely beneficial for NJMMP patients who prefer a specific strain that may be in short supply.

Additional Legal Protection

Patients enrolled in NJMMP are only required to be 18 years old to obtain medical cannabis, compared to 21 years old when it comes to recreational marijuana.

The law allows adults 21 years and older to be in possession of 1 ounce total of cannabis and cannabis products. NJMMP patients are legally allowed to possess up to 3 oz.

And finally, but the most important, being a patient in NJMMP means that you are legally under a certified physician’s care. And this could help if cannabis ever incriminates you.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of medical marijuana or if you would like to enroll in the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program, schedule a consultation by calling (732) 268-7663 or request an appointment online 


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