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Four Natural Ways for Men to Raise Testosterone

Four Natural Ways for Men to Raise Testosterone

As men age, men also face a loss of hormonal balance. While it may not be as dramatic as women’s menopause, men experience something similar. Men may experience a loss of muscle mass, strength and stamina, facial and body hair, libido, and even a zest for life. Unfortunately, taking a testosterone supplement is often ineffective because this testosterone may be inadvertently converted to estrogen, a process that happens to men this stage of life.

Here are 4 ways for men to raise testosterone naturally:

Eat foods like meat, eggs, and cheese

These foods are high in cholesterol, and cholesterol is the building block for testosterone 

Avoid unsaturated oils and foods that contain unsaturated oils

These unsaturated fats have been shown to lower your testosterone by creating oxidative stress and adversely affecting adrenal function 

Avoid excess carbohydrates

Excessive carbohydrate intake increases your blood sugar, hence raising your insulin. High insulin up-regulates aromatase enzyme. Aromatase enzyme will biotransform your testosterone into estrogen 

High-Intensity Exercise

Sprinting and weight training increase your testosterone. Conversely, low-intensity exercise - like jogging actually lowers your testosterone 

If you suffer from low testosterone, the above tips will be instrumental in helping to raise testosterone naturally. However, if there is some other chronic disease or stressor that is causing your hormonal imbalance, we will need to get to the root of your symptoms. During a consultation, I can evaluate any environmental, biochemical, hormonal and other stressors that can cause serious complications to your health and well-being. Finally, a personalized treatment plan will be outlined to help you on your road to wellness. 

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