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Five Natural ways to Improve Your Sleep

Five Natural ways to Improve Your Sleep

Do you have difficulty falling asleep, or staying asleep? Have you already been diagnosed with insomnia? Or is it a constant worry about your family, job, or the list of a million things you need to do keeping you awake? If you’re done counting sheep, try these tips.

5 ways to improve the quality of your sleep naturally:

Sleep in pitch black

Any light exposure while sleeping lowers your melatonin levels

Reduce Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) exposure

EMFs interfere with all functions in your body. Unplug electrical devices. Do not use an electric blanket. Use products to reduce EMFs

Get Plenty of Sunlight During the Day

Natural sunlight stimulates your hypothalamus to make melatonin at night. Melatonin is the "sleep hormone"

Avoid stimulating activity in the evening

exercising or other activities that stimulate your "fight or flight response" can impair your sleep. Do your workouts earlier in the day.

Improve Air Quality

Poor air quality can lower your melatonin levels and also stimulate your "fight or flight response" leading to impaired sleep 

If you’re tired of being tired, incorporating these few tips may be a lifeline. However, you should understand that insomnia is almost always multi-factorial. This is why sleep disorder treatment should be rooted in holistic care. Some of the contributing causes of insomnia may be high levels of oxidative stress, malnutrition, poor bowel health, hormone imbalance, sinus problems, and even poor glycemic control. During a consultation, we can review any environmental, biochemical, hormonal and other stressors that can cause health issues that also disrupt your sleep.

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