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5 Tips for New Medical Marijuana Patients From a NJMMP Certified Physician

5 Tips for New Medical Marijuana Patients From a NJMMP Certified Physician

Whether you’ve just been enrolled into the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program or you’ve been a member for some time, with the ever-changing regulations and misinformation in the public, you need to know how to navigate yourself as a medical marijuana patient.

Here are 5 tips I recommend to every medical marijuana patient:

Educate yourself

There are many misconceptions about cannabis, there are also different types of cannabis, different strains with different effects, various ways of administering cannabis

Shop Around

You can save lots of money by comparing prices at different dispensaries

Wait for sales on products

Cannabis is an agricultural commodity that is subject to the law of supply and demand. Prices can fluctuate widely, keep an eye out for sales. The dispensaries want to move product when they have excess in stock and will discount them.

Do not be afraid of cannabis

It is a very safe drug, much of what you hear about cannabis is propaganda (or "fake news") - see number 1 - educate yourself

Be careful when consuming edible products

Edibles are notorious for slowly having an effect and many patients have consumed too much and had a bad experience.

The most important piece of advice I could provide is to be a responsible patient. Ensuring the safety of yourself and others as well as education are the most crucial steps in becoming a responsible and successful patient. Feel comfortable to share your particular needs with your physician and dispensary staff, together you can develop a treatment plan that can lead you on the path to better health and wellness.

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