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5 Tips for Families of Medical Marijuana Patients

5 Tips for Families of Medical Marijuana Patients

Maybe a family member has just enrolled in the medical marijuana program or has been a patient for some time, you just want to know how you can best support them. With the ever-changing regulations of medical marijuana program and a lot of misinformation out in the public, I have put together some tips to help you navigate the muddy waters.

Educate yourself

There are many misconceptions about cannabis, there are also different types of cannabis, different strains with different effects, various ways of administering cannabis

Understand the truth about cannabis

Cannabis is not a dangerous drug, cannabis has been demonized for political and economic purposes, see number 1 -educate yourself.

Respect the privacy of the MMJ patient

Do not share private information with others, many will not understand why your family member is using this special medication

Keep medicine is a safe and secure place

Medical marijuana, like any other form of medication, must be secured in a safe place. Not only is this to keep access from other unauthorized adults, but secured from minors too.

Be careful with edible products

Make sure that medicated foods (like brownies or butter for example) are clearly marked to that accidental ingestion by someone else does not occur

The most important piece of advice I could provide you is to have an open line of communication with the patient. The journey can sometimes be a painful and arduous process and perhaps lending an ear could be the best medicine.

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