Tachyon Silica Cell Phone Micro-Disk - 5 Disk Family Pack

Tachyon Silica Cell Phone Micro-Disk - 5 Disk Family Pack
Brand: Advanced Tachyon Technologies
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Description provided by Tachyon USA:

Protect yourself and your loved ones before it’s too late! The Tachyonized Micro-Disk LifeGuards make it so that you and your family can use your cellphones, and small electronic devices, as often and as long as you like knowing you’re totally protected from harmful, health depleting electromagnetic radiation. We spend many hours with our heads pressed to cell phones. The hazardous electromagnetic field that emanates from these devices disrupts the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields (SOEFs) of the body and can cause imbalances. There have been numerous studies that suggest long-termuse to harmful EMF emitting devices can cause serious ailments and disease.


The Tachyon Phone Micro-Disk transforms the disruptive wave patterns of harmful EMFs into a coherent field protective field.


Use the Tachyon Micro-Disks on any type of phone including mobile, cordless or a regular home phone. They are also effective on small electronic devices such as iPads, iPods, tablets, and other hand-held devices.


The Tachyon Phone Micro-Disk is available in singles, 3 pack or a family pack which contains 5 Phone Micro-Disks. 
The size of the phone Micro-Disk is 28mm or 1 1/16".


The Tachyon Phone Micro-Disk comes attached to a double-sided adhesive glue dot. Simply peel off the paper backing, exposing the side that says "Energy flows from this side". Place that side over the clean, dry surface of the phone’s battery compartment. Do not touch the surface of the glue dot as the glue will come off on your fingers and the dot will be unusable.)"

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