Lighting & EMF Protection

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Awake & Alert Biological LED Light Bulb (BR40)
Boost your energy, no caffeine required! Our Awake & Alert® bulb is the only biologically-correc..
Good Day Biological LED Light Bulb
This technology was first developed for NASA for use by its Astronauts on the International Space St..
Good Night Biological LED Light Bulb
The GoodNight® LED light bulb, originally developed for NASA astronauts on the International Space S..
Tachyon Mini-V Personal Protection Pendant
Description provided by Tachyon USA: "The Mini-V Pendant is a breakthrough! ...A subtle shif..
Tachyon Silica 4 Inch EMF Home Protection Disk
Description provided by Tachyon USA: "Tachyonized Silica Disks can be used for a variety of thing..
Tachyon Silica Cell Phone Micro-Disk - 5 Disk Family Pack
Description provided by Tachyon USA: Protect yourself and your loved ones before it’s too late! T..
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