MD Skin is not your typical spa. Most spas are focused on providing a relaxing atmosphere and pampering to your senses. In these types of spas, your experience at the spa seems to be more important than the results of your treatment. MD Skin is different. We do deliver a pleasant and relaxed environment for your skin treatment, but our main focus is on getting RESULTS! We only use the highest grade medical strength treatments to make available to you and your skin the most effective solutions obtainable in the beauty industry. Visit Our Website Online

Below is our collection of recommended products, tested and used in our Spring Lake, NJ Skin Care Center.

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VI Derm HQ Plus Bleaching Cream
HQ Plus is a proven skin brightening formula that may reduce discolorations in as little as 4 weeks...
VI Derm Revitalizing Eye Cream
The VI Derm® Revitalizing Eye Cream is a peptide-rich formulation that will reduce the appearance of..
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